Understanding Slip and Fall Accident Claims in the State Of California

In the state of California, an experienced team of Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers understand that although some slip and fall accidents are just that, there are many cases where they could have been prevented, and therefore a person or entity should be held accountable. A property owner for example, whether it be a domestic residence or a commercial premises such as a store has a duty bound right to ensure the safety of all persons who enter the premises. If an accident occurs, then they should and will be held accountable.

Ownership of a particular property doesn’t simply start at the front door. On the contrary it includes pathways and stairs leading up to the building. This means that property owners also have to be responsible for the immediate vicinity surrounding the property. Cracked or damaged paving or bad exterior lighting should be reported and hastened daily to the relevant governmental department, and any spillages or debris should also be cleared away immediately. If this is not possible right away, then slippery flooring needs to be cordoned off to avoid accidents and ‘wet floor’ signs should be prominently displayed.

A team of LA slip and fall lawyers explain that a slip and fall accident claim isn’t put in place to directly punish the property owner. Instead litigation highlights the problems that need to be addressed by the defendant and because of this an injured party should never feel bad about seeking help and advice from an attorney.

In California particularly, some claims can be a little complex and is not something that a layman with no experience is lightly to be able to successfully defend, as any reasonably knowledgeable lawyer will run rings around somebody who doesn’t know what they are doing. This is why it’s always vital to call upon the services of a representing lawyer with a proven track record in dealing with slip and fall accidents. It could be that after a slip and fall incident, a property owner states that warning signs were indeed displayed around the building, but that the victim simply failed to see them. A skilled attorney may be able to prove that the warning signs weren’t displayed in a prominent position and were therefore rendered useless.

So what can you do if you are a victim of a slip and fall incident?

Clearly the very first thing to do is to seek medical advice for any injuries sustained. Once recovery is under way then it is vital to document the events leading up to your accident whilst it is still fresh in your mind. Make notes of weather conditions, whether any warning signs were displayed, and exactly where the incident occurred. Also if applicable, make notes of any witnesses who saw the accident take place. The reason for documenting the evidence is that in most cases, the defendant will generally fix the problem that caused the accident, thus leaving no physical evidence of the problem area. By noting the circumstances surrounding the incident, it will give the representing attorney something to work with. Finally, you should contact a highly experienced Los Angeles slip and fall attorney who is well versed in dealing with such issues.

Quite often cases such as these often go unreported and leave the victim having to settle for a meagre insurance payout that doesn’t take into account any ongoing pain and suffering you may receive, or any future medical attention you may need because of the injury. This often leaves the victim feeling badly treated and financially out of pocket to boot. The reason that a lot of cases go unreported is because a victim may believe that they cannot afford the services of a lawyer, or that it will be too costly in the long run. On the contrary, in the state of California, any decent law firm will operate on a ‘contingency’ basis. This means that if the representing attorney doesn’t win the case, then they don’t get paid. There are no upfront fees and upon success, payment for the services of the attorney usually comes out of the awarded settlement figure. This puts the plaintiff in a ‘win win’ situation and in effect they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you find yourself the victim of a slip and fall incident, then it is good to know that there are teams of knowledgeable Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers standing by to take your call.