Train Accidents Statistics in the US

According to train accident statistics, compiled by a number of motor vehicle departments around the country, nearly one thousand deaths occur each year. Most accidents occur due to train head-on collisions, derailments, passenger vehicles, or pedestrians. The lawyer is required to settle any lawsuits that pertain in these circumstances.

Train accident attorneys are familiar with claims against the railroad for negligence for not providing equipment to warn people of an approaching train. There should be a good line of sight because bad weather or bushes can obstruct vision. Carelessness of railroad workers can also contribute to train accidents. For example, failure to blow the train’s whistle when approaching a railroad crossing, or engineers that do not follow posted speed limits, are risking the lives of many people.

According to evidence collected by a train accident attorney, equipment not maintained by the mechanic may cause an injury. Poor supervision and working too many hours with not enough proper rest periods are also hazards. Negligence for not supplying railroad workers a safe working environment is the railroad company’s responsibility. Workers may be hurt if the train yards are not maintained causing slips and falls that could break bones or cause an injured back. Lawsuits are filed by many workers for toxic exposure from chemicals. Workers may receive compensation for injuries and help to pay their medical bills.

Railroad workers exposed to repetitive duties create stress on joints and muscles. Many hours of repetitive movement may eventually result in extensive surgeries. Weeks of physical therapy are required as explained by the accident attorneys. There are several repetitive injuries like tendonitis which is a condition which the tendons become inflamed. Tendons are located in the wrist, Achilles, patellar (kneecap), and rotator cuff (shoulder). Another repetitive injury may be bursitis that occurs when the bursa becomes inflamed. The bursa is small, fluid-filled sac that cushions and lubricates the area around the joints. Most common areas of bursitis are the shoulders, elbows, hips, or heels. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause severe pain in the wrist. The median nerve that runs down the arm to the hand becomes pressed and squeezed at the wrist. Feelings of tingling and numbness are experienced that make it hard to grip objects. Finally, osteoarthritis is a common degenerative joint condition caused by the collapse of cartilage between the bones of the joints caused by repeated stress. The breakdown of cartilage will cause the bones to rub together causing severe pain.

A train crash lawyer is aware of the law that was passed called The Federal Employers’ Liability Act. This law protects the railroad worker who have been hurt or killed due to unsafe conditions. As mentioned above, toxic exposure can be deadly. For example, asbestos fiber was once used for heat-resistant qualities for insulation on some jobs. It took many years of exposure to prove that this product caused mesothelioma, a form of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs and can affect the heart. Benzene, another cancer related chemical, has been found in rubber, solvents, detergents, synthetic fibers, and paints. The lawyers have had many successful injury lawsuits over these health issues.