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Accidents in the workplace happen all the time and the employees who are lucky walk away with just a scare. But in some cases these accidents lead to a significant workplace injury.

When these injuries are serious it is important to understand that employees injured in the workplace have certain rights and that employers have certain legal responsibilities toward their workers.

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An injury of any sort that occurs on a job site is a workplace injury.

These sorts of injuries can be anything from repetitive movement injuries caused by unhealthy working conditions to full paralysis from spinal cord injuries resulting from unsafe working conditions, defective tools, or negligent safety standards and precautions.

Most claims are filed through workers compensation, but there are special instances in which an employee injured on the job may be able to sue for damages.

If an employee suffered a workplace injury from defective products or toxic substances, he or she may be able to file a claim against the manufacturers through a product liability or third party liability lawsuit. A

An employee injured due to an employer’s grossly negligent conduct, such as a failure to comply with basic safety standards or the failure to hire employees who are properly trained may also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against his or her employer.

The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg will help you to determine the best course of action for your work injury.

How a Work Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Can Help

We are very sympathetic to the significance of losing the ability to provide income and understand how stressful the accumulating medical costs can be when physically unable to work.

As your work injury attorney, we’ll explore the different types of benefits you are justified to collect to recover compensation for your injury.

It may be possible that two or more lawsuits can be filed against multiple parties, and that the amount of damages that can be won will closer approximate the true cost of the workplace injury.

A workplace accident lawyer should not only be called when you are injured, but if a loved one has been injured or even killed on the job. This can cause all kinds of hardships to the people left behind.

You are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. 

At the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg, our work injury attorneys will begin handling your case by assembling team of dedicated professionals who will research every aspect of your claim, building a strong case against the company at fault. We handle the courtroom aspect of your injury claim, as well as the communication with the plaintiff’s law firm.

Insurance companies will require lengthy claims to be filled out and if these are not completely correctly in a timely manner, it could seriously hinder the final results of your case. Your personal injury team at the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg will handle all of this for you, ensuring that there are no details left unfinished in a time such as this when scrutiny is of the utmost importance.

At the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg, we have the expertise to deal with employers and insurance companies on your behalf. The general public does not have the expertise to make sure that they are receiving full compensation for their injury. 

As your work injury attorney in Los Angeles, we will not charge you a fee unless you win your case. And, we won’t consider taking your case if they do not feel that you have a chance of winning. In the event that you win, generally the other side of the case will pay all fees. 

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Workplace Injury and Your Rights

If you have been injured on the job, it’s a good idea to consult a work injury attorney in Los Angeles to help you protect your rights. 

An employer’s responsibility begins before any workplace injury occurs. They are legally obligated to provide a workplace environment that is safe and follows all health codes and industry safety standards. Employers must also provide appropriate training for all work equipment and machinery involved in their business, including refresher courses, and make sure that their equipment is well maintained and regularly examined for optimal functionality.

These standards are essential for the safety and prevention of injury for the employer’s workers, but they also protect the employer from legal liability. If an employee sustains a workplace injury that can be proven to be his or her fault, the employer in question may not be required to pay out worker’s compensation benefits.

After an accident causing a workplace injury occurs the injured employee has a right to expect that their employer will provide transportation for them to see a doctor or go to the emergency room.

Even though a medical visit may seem excessive for an injury an employee appears to have, experienced on the job injury lawyers will adamantly defend this reasonable measure. This is because certain injuries can make a delayed appearance and if this occurs the initial documentation of the source of the injury makes any claims filed for compensation much more likely to succeed.

In some cases, employers are legally responsible for paying the medical expenses of their injured employees and may also be required to hold an injured employees job for them (and provide retraining if necessary) until the employee is physically ready to come back to work.

Workers injured because of their employer’s negligence also have the right to hire a workplace injury attorney in Los Angeles and file a personal injury claim.

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Types of Work Injuries

Workplace injuries range from physical to psychological trauma.

  • Slips and Falls
  • Injuries as a result of an accident
  • Accidents due to lack of proper working equipment
  • Accidents from unsafe working conditions
  • A disease or illness from unhealthy working conditions
  • Injury or bodily harm as a result of workplace conditions

Injured employees may suffer from brain damage and other traumatic brain injuries, amputations, paralysis from spinal cord injuries, hearing loss, loss of vision, all manner of broken and fractured bones, sprains, strains and contusions as well as burns, cuts and deep gashes.

As a result of their injuries, employees injured on the job may have post-traumatic stress disorder, psychiatric conditions such as anxiety or depression, and eating disorders.

Workers who perform the same tasks repeatedly may fall victim to repetitive movement injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, shoulder impingement and herniated or bulging spinal discs.

Regardless of your injury, The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg can act as your work injury attorney. You can finally get the compensation you deserve.

How Workplace Injuries Happen

Any situation in which employees are overworked, fatigued, poorly trained or inattentive can cause a workplace injury.

Some injuries are purely accidental, but most could have been prevented. Workplace injuries can occur from any employer or employee negligence that leads to dangerous conditions.

Badly designed workstations can result in muscular imbalances and repetitive stress injuries.

Slip, trip and falls can occur from broken steps, wet floors, improperly assembled scaffolding or from snow or ice. Motor vehicle accidents on construction sites cause countless injuries each year.

Broken or improperly used machinery can cause extreme injuries like loss of limbs.

Workplace Injury Statistics

  • Over 4 million people fall victim to a workplace injury in the United States each year.
  • Workplace injuries occur to about 5 out of every 100 full time employees.
  • Health Care workers suffer 6.5% of all workplace injuries.
  • Construction workers run the highest risk of a fatal workplace injury with at 15.2 deaths per 100,000.
  • The State of California has the second highest number of workplace injuries resulting in death in the United States.
  • Midsize companies with employees numbering 50 to 250 workers have the highest incidence of workplace injuries. Companies with fewer than 11 employees have the lowest incidence of workplace injuries.
  • 18 people die a day from a work-related injury.
  • 4% of workplace accidents are caused by faulty equipment and technical issues.
  • 2 million workers annually are injured so severely that they need to miss work and require ongoing Medical Care.

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