Eye Injuries In the Workplace And How A Great Lawyer Can Help

The majority of us take our eyes for granted and don’t think about the damages that can be caused to them. In fact, an estimated 2 million eye injuries occur each and every year in the US and they can range from minor scratches and eye irritations such as dust and dirt, through to foreign object damage and chemical burns which may result in a complete loss of sight. The workplace can account for around 1000 eye related accidents daily and they cost companies over $133 million per year in workers compensation claims, production loss and medical expenses. So what can you do if you have had an eye accident at work through no fault of your own? A Los Angeles workplace injury attorney explains.

It is sad but true that most eye related work place accidents can be prevented by following safety/health regulations and wearing protective equipment such as goggles where possible. Also companies can improve eye safety by training people in first aid. Make sure that first aid kits are at hand, and eye wash is also available where ever danger to the eyes may occur. If you have been involved in an accident, then it is important to treat the injury as quickly as possible. If there is some sawdust or grit in the eye, then try to flush it out with saline solution, chemical burns also need immediate treatment.

If you believe the accident to be down to the negligence of others then after treatment you should speak to an experienced LA workplace injury lawyer. The lawyer will offer a free consultation service upon which they will talk through the case with you. From this they will decide as to whether you have a case to answer. A skilled lawyer will also put you at ease and can answer any questions that you may have about the case.

It is the LA injury lawyer’s job to try to see if negligence was indeed the reason for your eye accident. In many aspects this is easier said than done, because unscrupulous companies will try to deny blame or shift the negligence onto another party. Any lawyer worth their salt will have the ability to call upon a whole host of independent experts who can help with such a claim. Professionals such as accident reconstructionists, machine experts, health and safety personnel and doctors can all be on hand to help to get to the bottom of the case. They will then present their findings back to the attorney who will then use this evidence to build a case. In the meantime the lawyer will be speaking to witnesses to get their account of what happened.

In general when gross negligence is proved, a compensation claim can be filed against the defendant in a workplace accident case. This is a separate entity entirely from workers compensation that is paid out by the insurance carrier. Instead this is a civil lawsuit and criteria can be taken into account such as any future treatments for corrective operations, loss of future wages if unable to work in the same job again, retraining costs if you have to retrain for a new career and any punitive damages filed directly against the negligent party for stress and trauma caused. This claim can run alongside workers compensation and does in no way affect your rights.

If you have done everything within your power to be safe at work and that has been thrown away due to the negligence of others, then you really should contact an experienced workplace injury attorney who is well versed in dealing with such injuries. They will act with sympathy and compassion, whilst at the same time they will pursue the case with dogged determination. A great attorney will know the exact path to take in order to get the best compensation for you and will do it with speed and efficiency. Your lawyer will take the burden off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on your recovery. They will also fight your corner every step of the way and this is why it’s vital that you make that call.