Workplace Accidents: Common Causes and Injuries

No one wants to be involved in an accident at the workplace, but unfortunately they do happen from time to time.

Many workplace accidents have often been the result of negligence or irresponsibility. A worker’s leaving a tool on the floor of a factory, another worker slips on it and is seriously injured. An employee leaves the cap of a harmful substance open, as a result someone breathes in its noxious fumes and is seriously ill; a construction worker is working on a skyscraper; one of their tools falls off a platform and hits another fellow employee below or perhaps passersby, causing serious injury or even death.

These have been some of the real-life scenarios that have occurred as the result of a workplace accident or injury.

Such workplace injuries can fatal, as indicated in some cases. But even if they are not, the victim may suffer serious injuries that may cause them to miss days or weeks of work or longer.

When that has occurred, some person has felt justified in taking some sort of legal action against the company or individuals involved. They have sought the professional assistance of a workplace injury lawyer.

Lawyers are used for just that: to offer assistance to those who have suffered personal injury due to negligence, irresponsibility or even deliberate action.

What Is Needed to File a Claim?

What basis does such a victim-or alleged victim has to file such a claim? They have to be able to prove the following situations:

  • That the accident was indeed the result of negligence or irresponsibility
  • That no malicious intent was involved in the workplace accident
  • That the workplace has had a history of workplace-related injuries

If the victim of such an above accident can definitely prove their case in a court of law, they will be entitled to compensatory damages, such as financial compensation for any lost wages due to being a victim of a workplace accident.

But in order to do that successfully, they need the services of an on-the-job accident attorney. Such lawyers will help them to successfully present their case in a logical and concise manner that will help them to win. In Los Angeles, there are many qualified lawyers that are at the ready to help such individuals to successfully win their case.

Not only does the employee suffer as the result of a workplace injury, their loved ones do as well. So such financial damages repaid will be of a source of great comfort and compensation to the victim’s family too.

Workplace accidents are not a pleasant sight; they can be nasty and ugly, they can involve lawsuits that can go on for weeks or longer. And no one wants to take that long; time is precious and time is money, so the victim does not want to spend a long period of time dealing with a case that is adding to their financial hardship and loss.

And they won’t have to, if they consult with a workplace accident lawyer, available to help such persons in an unfortunate situation. They will help such a person to quickly win their case and receive the compensation they and their loved ones deserve.

No one should have to needlessly suffer without legal representation and financial compensation.

What Are Workplace Injuries?

When trying to make a living it is important for workers to have an environment that is safe and free from unneeded dangers.

Unfortunately safe work environments are often overlooked by employers and even other employees and accidents happen as a result.

Many of these workplace accidents and injuries are covered under workers compensation, even if the injury is caused by an employer’s carelessness or the employee’s mistake.

Workplace injuries are defined as any injury or illness sustained at the workplace or any event at the workplace that contributed to an already existing condition.

Illness cases can include mesothelioma, asbestos, chest diseases, and many others. Injury related cases include occupational deafness, occupational stress, repetitive stress injury, slip and falls, and many others.

And most experienced workplace accident attorneys will note that a less known type of personal injury at the workplace is through discrimination. This can include discrimination during hiring, promotions, job assignment, compensation, and other types of harassment.

When Can You File a Claim?

Everyone Should File a Claim.

In fact in most states it is required by law that an employee reports their injury to their employer in a timely manner. In some cases a lawyer does not need to get involved.

Though, there are situations where neglecting to call a workplace accident attorney is a mistake. One such case would be if your employer failed to obtain insurance or became authorized to self-insure its liability. This would give you the right to sue your employer in civil court for damages. 

Having evidence that you obtained the injury or illness is an important step to filing a claim. Evidence may be obtained through witnesses, employers’ logs, ambulance attendance, a previous history of this type of injury, and other odd types of situations. The next step after acquiring evidence is to prove that the injury or illness is the liability of the employer.

There are some important tips when dealing with compensation claims. Time is of the essence since there is a time limit to make any injury claim. Even if your injury was not a result of your employer’s negligence and instead was caused by the action of another employee, you still have the right to file a claim. Even if you have doubts on whether your claim is legitimate, you should still consult an on the job accident lawyer. You may not realize that the claim you want to file is actually a good claim. 

Getting injuries or sick at work happens a lot more than it should. The worker should not have to suffer financially while trying to deal with health issues caused from workplace negligence.

It is estimated that at least 25% of workers are injured on the job.

That is one out of every four, which is way too high. If employers are held liable for unsafe work conditions then it will help to make them more aware of their environment and hopefully ensure a safer workplace for every American worker.

How Do Accidents Affect Those Injured?

Through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as it is commonly referred to Federal law provides employees with protection as to work in a safe environment.

To promote a safe working environment the OSHA has enacted a set of rules and regulations that must be met by all employers. The law also will provide for compensation on work related illness or injuries. Exclusions include injuries to private household employees.

Usually a workplace accident that causes injury happens because of unsafe working conditions, defective equipment, lack of maintenance or a dangerous environment. Jobs that require physical strain, as heavy lifting, working with hazardous materials or prolonged time in certain jobs as typing which may result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

In some jurisdictions a workers compensation fund mat be available for work related injuries. This is paid by employers to cover their workforce in case of an injury producing accident. It provides health coverage and benefits for those injured. Some types of workers may be excluded, so find out whether or not you are covered at your place of work, contact one of the workplace injury lawyers in your area.

A personal injury can be physical, a work related disease, an illness, some psychological or emotional conditions that may be related to a hostile work environment and a fatal injury. Additional examples of work related, personal injuries include; work related injuries or illnesses cause by the type of work. Psychological illnesses caused by stressful environment, discrimination or harassment, a motor vehicle accident occurring in the performance of job related duties, an injury caused by unsafe conditions or equipment and a slip and fall at work. When an employee suffers an injury in the course of his or her employment a suit for damages can be filed by a workplace accident attorney. Being injured at work has serious and sometimes permanent and irreversible effects on its victims and their families. The pain and suffering endured is not usually covered in worker compensation plans. To obtain compensation from these, workers have the option of pursuing a legal claim. A law firm of types of on the job accident attorneys should be consulted.

Studies reveal that injured workers bear about 30 percent of the total costs of workplace injury and illness.

These costs include, but may not be limited to; loss of income, pain and suffering, loss of future earnings, past investment, and medical expenses. There are varied ranges of social and economic consequences for the injured that are caused by a number of factors. Injury or illness put a strain on relationships in a number of ways, through emotional stress, financial pressure and isolation.

Research has demonstrated that family and friends are deeply impacted, and this eventually may lead to problems within these relationships. The injury or illness may result in a breakup or result in temporary or permanent loss of intimacy. Attitudes received from employers, colleagues, supervisors, and others within the workplace, affect the psychological health as the physical recovery process. In certain cases, particularly in fatal or devastating injuries, it also impacts the person’s family’s ability to deal with the loss or disability.

An injured worker suffers significant financial loss as a direct result of their injuries. These costs include loss wages as well as medical costs, costs of transportation, and losses related to lifestyle changes injured workers, and their families, have to make. A workplace accident lawyer is best prepared to evaluate your particular situation and recommend the best course of action for you and your family.

In general, workplace injuries occur due to failures in the workplace regarding employee security. This injury causing accidents have consequences for the injured as well as their family. The injured and their families will endure costs, monetary losses as well as lifestyle changes related to the injury.

If you or a family member has been injured in the work place, consult the Law Office of David H. Greenberg to determine what compensation can be received.