The Painful Business Of Pro Football

Even busy workers compensation lawyers in Los Angeles like to take some well earned time off and it’s a fair bet that many of them were glued to their TV screens watching or rather painfully agonising over the triumphs and tribulations of their team in the recent Superbowl. The idea that two Goliath’s battle it out for total supremacy is one that has many a fan glued to their 60” TV’s downing a few beers and repeatedly stuffing their faces with munchies. However in legal terms the sport has been in turmoil as of late as the saga of the NFL has unfolded before us.

In essence there have been two legal ‘bones of contention’ over the past few years with the first being Workers comp claims made by former NFL players in California. The second is a series of lawsuits by ex players who alleged that the league repeatedly played down the effects of concussion on its players and failed to warn them. This has resulted in workplace accidents including dementia and other brain related illnesses in retired professional players. Whilst there are numerous lawsuits being filed across the nation, there are plans to bring several of them together under one large lawsuit.

A Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer explains that the stories that have unfolded over the past couple of years or so regarding the sad decline of the mental capacity of some of these ex professionals who were playing a game that they loved. We have to question the mentality of the coaches and even the league to leave the best players on the field of play regardless of the possible consequences. After all it makes for better viewing right!

A prime example of this is the Ex Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett. For those who remember, on the field of play he was lightening fast and his running seemed almost effortless. However, underneath all the padding he was in constant considerable pain and endured much suffering. As a result of the game, Dorsett had operations on both knees and also developed reoccurring problems with his right wrist and his left arm. It has also been said that his then coach, Tony Landry, ordered him to play, despite having a broken bone in his back. The injury was so painful that during training he could not move and would sob uncontrollably during practices. The Coach told him to go to the training room, slap on some ice and heat and come back out.

To a certain extent this was (and still is) the coaching mantra of professional football players in this country. The way that players had to simply ‘take the pain’ and go and perform defied any type of logic. Initially there was a form of denial going on between the league and ex players who are experiencing continued illness and injury. At some stage the league’s own doctor’s insisted that there was no proof of a direct link between continuous concussions and dementia. Fortunately they had to concede defeat and agree that there could well be a link between the two.

So where does this leave ex players of the game? A team of LA workers compensation attorneys explain…

In essence the implications for hundreds of retired pro’s who have suffered injury, still isn’t entirely clear. However looking forwards it seems that there could be a point at which the league admits responsibility for any or all mental incapacity injuries sustained by its players. If this happens the ruling could open the floodgates to include other ongoing injuries caused by the beloved game.

If you are an ex player and have suffered continuing injury, either mental or other then you should contact an experienced team of workers compensation lawyers. Los Angeles has some of the best in the country and can advise you of where you stand from a legal viewpoint.