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Skilled Riverside car accident lawyers will often have to deal with cases that aren’t as straight forward as first thought. There may well be some dispute over negligence and when this is the case, the right lawyer will know just what to do to deliver a fair result for their client. There is no shortage of Riverside car accident attorneys, and with so many to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

Totally glad I called


“I got into a small car accident in Temecula and I wasn’t sure if it was worth calling a lawyer over it. I thought the insurance company would give me a few thousand and that would be it, but I actually got way more. Who knew that you could hire someone to deal with all of the hassle AND earn money out of it! Kinda awesome actually. And I like David Greenberg. He’s been doing this a long time and he clearly knows his stuff. “

Darren Zhang


Take your time

It is all too common for a client to hire the first Riverside car accident lawyer that they see, simply because they want to get the ball rolling quickly. In many cases this is a bad move, because unless you have used the law firm before, how do you know they are right for you? It may well be that the law firm in question doesn’t do as good a job as first thought and then several weeks or months have gone past and you are back to square one. Instead by looking around and taking your time, you can be assured that you have gotten the right law firm to represent you. A good law firm will not pressurize you into using their services, instead they will put your mind at ease and will not be afraid to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. The Law Offices of David H Greenberg offer a free consultation service whereby people can come in for a no obligation chat. From this they can first of all ascertain if they have a case to answer and secondly decide if this is the law firm that they would like to represent them. If the client simply needs advice on the best way to handle the situation that they find themselves in, our firm is more than happy to give that advice.

Jack of All trades, master of none

riverside-car-lawyersMany Riverside car accident attorneys will have a very diverse practice area and will tell you that they can indeed handle your case, even though they might not have the specific experience to deal with a case such as yours. It not only makes more sense, but is extremely prudent to search for an attorney who is used to dealing with such cases, and therefore any complexities and foibles that such a case can throw up will be second nature to them, with the result that they can be overcome in a short space of time. At David Greenberg Law- Riverside we have a team of specialist attorneys who are on hand to help you with your case. Each one has many years experience in their expert fields and can guide you through the any issues that arise with consummate ease. We truly are experienced at what we do and we have the testimonials and the awarded compensations to prove it.

Good track record

In some cases a lawyer will have experience in all aspects of the law. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are the right Riverside car accident lawyer for the job. It may well have been that the lawyer in question has been handling criminal or divorce cases for a long time and hasn’t handled a car accident case for decades. That lawyer will then be out of touch with any current laws within this area. If you can choose a law firm with a proven track record in your specific field, then chances are that they know what they are doing. This doesn’t make the other attorneys any worse or better, it simply means that the experienced lawyer who deals in car accidents knows what they are doing in this particular field more so than a lawyer who handles criminal investigations for a living. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg have dedicated people with proven track records in this field, and as a result will aggressively pursue the highest level of claim that is available for our clients every time.


riverside-car-lawyers2 It’s true that whilst you don’t have to be best buddies with your attorney, you do have to be able to work with them and to this extent, likeability is an important factor. At DHG we have many cases where we have repeat clients who will use us time and time again. We truly care about the clients that we represent.

All of these factors are important in finding the right Riverside car accident lawyers to represent you and we believe that we are the right choice. Work with us and our firm will battle to make sure that you and your family receive the full and fair compensation that you deserve.