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Injured on the job? You need the best Riverside workers comp lawyers on your side.

If you are looking for good Riverside Workers compensation attorneys, then there really is only one choice. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg have been supporting the people of the Los Angeles and Riverside County for over 40 years and in that time have amassed more than $200 million dollars in settlements and claims for our clients.

Workers compensation is normally a straight forward claim designed so that the injured party has access to funds within 72 hours in order to pay for immediate medical expenses and to cover loss of wages. This is done through the company’s insurance carriers rather than having to go through expensive litigation processes. It is a ‘no blame’ process that if carried out correctly, seems like it does not need the services of a lawyer. Having said this…in the same way that it is designed to help the injured party, it can also be open to abuse, and this is where a skilled Riverside workers compensation attorney can help. There may also be a third party liability which means that you could sue another company for damages (such as a manufacturer of equipment you were using at the time of the accident).

If you or a family member find yourselves in a situation where you have put in a legitimate workers compensation claim, then what can the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg do for you?

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“I’m a warehouse worker who was hit by a falling metal shelf at work. I got crushed under the shelf and my left arm was broken. I thought all I could do was file for workers compensation insurance but there was actually more to my case, so I’m glad I called. It’s not an option for me not to work or not get paid, and I was relieved to get a very large settlement without having to go to trial. David Greenberg Law has stand up lawyers who are great.”

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Discover Third Party Liability

In the State of California, you can’t sue your employer for a workplace injury (that’s what workers compensation insurance is for); however, you can sue a third party who was responsible for your injury. For example, say you are driving a machine that helps you move boxes or pallets around a warehouse. And say that that machine is defective and while you have a heavy load, it breaks and the boxes fall on you and you are injured. You may have a legitimate third party claim against the manufacturer of that machine. It is very hard to know where liability lies without talking to an experienced workers compensation lawyer.

Act in an advisory capacity

Quite often, people who are in this predicament simply need guidance and an idea of what to do next. The Greenberg Law Offices offer people a free no obligation consultation in which you can get to meet with an attorney and get all your questions answered. Our experienced Riverside workers compensation attorneys will be able to ascertain from a quick meeting whether you need more assistance and will be able to instruct a further course of action if necessary.

Dealing with insurance carriers

It is the company’s insurance carriers who have the final say in whether they approve or deny a claim, and they also have the final say in when they stop paying somebody. Each claim is supposed to be assessed fairly on merit, however there may be times, either through a simple oversight by the assessors, or through an unfair biased opinion, that a claim gets denied. The bottom line is that insurance companies are in this business to make money, and that means collecting premiums, whilst paying out as little as possible. This being the case, it is easy (although not right) to see why some claims don’t get approved. A Riverside workers compensation lawyer who is experienced in such processes, will be used to dealing with insurance companies and will understand what action to take to affect the best result. If you were to fight the insurance carriers yourself then chances are that you would lose. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg deal with insurance companies and acts of insurance bad faith every day.

Dealing with unscrupulous employers

In some cases, it might be that your claim never got as far as the insurance carrier and your employer, for whatever reason, has failed to pass it through. It could be that the employer simply stopped paying their premiums and are not covered. This is against the law in the state of California as every employer who employs at least one person has to be covered by workers comp. On the other hand it could be that the employer is reluctant to pass the claim through for fear that their insurance premiums will go up. Again, this is against the law as all claims believed to be legitimate have to be passed to the insurance carrier. If you believe that you are a victim of an unscrupulous employer, then David H. Greenberg and his team of Riverside workers compensation attorneys can and will find a solution.

Independent advisers

Most people when injured at work get an examination by the company’s doctor. It is from this report that the insurance carrier decides on how long they are going to keep paying out. If the insurance company or your employer is harassing you to get back to work and you feel that you are not fully fit, then a good lawyer can fight your corner. A skilled team such as the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg has the financial backing in place to be able to call upon independent medical experts who can examine you, and from their findings can ascertain as to whether you should be still entitled to full workers compensation.

riverside_workers_compensation_attorneysAs you can see, you don’t have to fight your own battles when faced with this situation. By using the services of skilled Riverside workers compensation attorneys, you will ensure that you get the full and fair compensation that you deserve. Call us now at (951) 878-6160 so we can help.