In the confusing aftermath of a work place accident most employees feel unclear of precisely what actions to take. Many companies provide a set of mandatory procedures for employees to follow in the event of an injury on the job and it is important to be aware of these procedures and other similar policies regarding work place injuries before any accidents occur.

However, the specifics of individual company policies aside, there are a few basic steps that any injured employee can take that are simple yet important and will help them to file smooth and problem-free accident claims. Workers must keep in mind that when they are injured they must take every measure to protect themselves from further harm inflicted through the denial of workers compensation or insurance claims. Proper documentation and paperwork that are clear and easy to assess are a necessity.

Work-related accidents that do not involve an injury should be reported on the day they occurred to protect the employee from losing the rights to file a claim for injuries that made later become apparent. Additionally, reporting any accidents and mishaps no matter how minor will help employees and their employers rectify dangerous situations before they cause greater harm.

When reporting a work place injury it should be given in writing and document the date and the precise time and location of the incident. Any causes of the accident and any obvious measures that could be taken to prevent another accident should also be clearly stated and submitted as soon as possible. Those injured should immediately visit a medical professional provided either by the company or their own personal physician to observe and record the injuries before any time-related claim limitations expire.

Anyone who was the victim of a serious work place injury should also take steps to document anything that led up to the accident such as defective equipment or hazardous conditions. This will not only prevent future accidents but may also shine a light on work place hazards that were negligently ignored.

In California employees injured on the job are covered by workers compensation. Although employers are protected from claims filed against them by workers compensation laws, in some instances when an injury was caused by the negligence or malicious actions of a third party such as a distributor, manufacturer or fellow employee a lawsuit may be filed. Proper documentation and the assistance of a qualified worker’s compensation lawyer will help those injured receive just and fair compensation for their injuries.