It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. You are at your job, going about your normal duties when a serious workplace accident occurs and somebody gets hurt. In the ensuing panic and confusion nobody knows anything about the seriousness of the accident or the extent of the injuries; most are generally still in shock. This is a situation that happens nearly every day in companies all over California.

Each year 4 million people in the United States fall victim to some kind of accident in the workplace. Accidents can occur in any kind of working environment, and in the event you are involved in an accident at work you will need to know what do ahead of time in order to protect your rights whether you feel that you are seriously injured or not. Most employers do have some kind of procedures in place to deal with accidents when they happen, and it is a good idea to get acquainted with them as soon as you are able.

A workplace injury is any sort of injury that occurs on a job site. If you have just been involved in an accident you need to make management aware of this as soon as possible so long as you are able to communicate. After that, you should seek out and be receptive to any form of first aid offered to you. If the accident is not that serious as to prevent you from continuing your duties, you may think that it is OK to go back to work and finish your shift. Before you do, make sure that a manager fills out an incident report, or at least tells his superiors that an accident has occurred, to document everything that just happened. If you end up retaining a workplace accident attorney, this is the very first thing that they will ask to look at.

An Incident Report is a record of what happened and will consist of your statements and statements of others including management. In the report you should issue a fair account of what happened. You should not speculate or readily admit that you somehow caused the accident or it was your fault. Your employer won’t admit fault either. This is because such statements will be noted by the work place accident attorneys who will be called in and use these statements against any one on either side of any legal proceedings.

Be advised that not every serious injury is all that obvious to the injured from the very beginning. A lasting or debilitating injury can occur and not be fully apparent until after it has been diagnosed by a doctor. If you are injured at work and you are unsure whether or not there will be any lasting injury, you should speak to a workplace injury lawyer. If your employer refuses to send you to a doctor or if they send you to one that insists that your injuries are too insignificant to treat, or that they do not keep you from working, an experienced work place accident attorney can protect your rights.

Workplace accidents can happen to anyone, and injuries sustained in these accidents run the gamut from the physical to the psychological. Injured workers in this country are subject to traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, paralysis, hearing loss brought about by repetitive loud noise, broken bones, fractures, sprains, burns, loss of vision, back strain, deep gashes and cuts. Some of these injured workers may end up dealing with post-traumatic stresses, depression, or anxiety disorders for years afterward. Employees that perform the same operation over and over can end up sustaining repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Any one of these kinds of injuries can cause your medical bills to quickly add up, so even if your employer agrees to pay for your medical treatment and lost pay, you should still seek out the kind of help that can only come from competent on the job accident attorneys, because it is through their work that you can receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled.